New Online Casinos

New Online Casinos

If it's new in the online casino world you can find out about it here. We are the most up to date online casino site in the world. We report breaking gaming news on a daily basis. We report on new casino games, as well as legal gaming issues. Online casinos don't come out quite as often as new slots, but when a new casino is released we give them a full review before any other site on the web.

We have spent years developing our New Online Casino site. The development time was not so much in the back-end technical building process, but rather in the hiring of our staff. We searched high and low for the most experienced people in the industry. We looked for players who have been playing online casino games for years. We looked for journalists who know the difference between Microgaming and Playtech, Cryptologic and Vegas Technologies, IMEGA from the AGA. The hope is that we created a portal that contains the most most useful, and fun, casino information online.

Please take your time to look through our website and be sure to bookmark us because our online casino data updates constantly. We hope you enjoy our efforts.

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Best Online Casinos

All of the online casinos listed below were new at some time over the past several years. Several of the newest places actually are the best online, but there are some older sites that are too good to not list as part of our top online gambling brands.

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Play at Slots Oasis CasinoSlots Oasis Casino
Date of New Casino Release - January 2009
Visit the desert of the Internet and take a drink from Slots Oasis, the newest online casino to accept US players and allow all forms of credit card deposits. The best part of Slots Oasis is their 400% new player sign up bonus - their casino games are pretty good too!
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- Slots Oasis Casino Review!

Play at Online Vegas CasinoOnline Vegas Casino
Date of New Casino Release - March 2008
The makers of this new brand know what Vegas is all about, that's why they named their site as they did. They accept American players from all US states and they have the best payment processing standards online. New players will love this Internet site.
- Visit Online Vegas Casino Now!
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- Online Vegas Casino Review!

Play at Cherry Red CasinoCherry Red Casino
Date of New Casino Release - September 2008
Before this online casino opened up its doors there were rumors that it could be the most stunning graphical gaming site online. The rumors, it turns out, were true. Well, at least as far as gambling sites go. American players are accepted at Cherry Red.
- Visit Cherry Red Casino Now!
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- Cherry Red Casino Review!

Play at Superslots CasinoSuperslots Casino
Date of New Casino Release - August 2004
Okay okay, we know, we're including a lot of older sites on our 'new' online casino site, but we can't help it, they are just so damn good. Look at those graphics, how can we not include Superslots on any top site list? They also accept all US players.
- Visit Superslots Casino Now!
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- Superslots Casino Review!

Play at Rome CasinoRome Casino
Date of New Casino Release - January 2009
Rome Casino uses the brand new Top Game software. This has been a really hot brand since it was released. Players have been reporting that the slots here are looser than slots at online casinos that use older gaming software. Rome accepts all US players.
- Visit Rome Casino Now!
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- Rome Casino Review!

Play at Lion Slots CasinoLion Slots Casino
Date of New Casino Release - January 2009
Powered by Rival Gaming software Lion Slots Casino is home to the newest casino games. i-Slots are slot machines that have story lines. The bonus rounds on their slots are skill based, which means you can win more the better you are. US players accepted!
- Visit Lion Slots Casino Now!
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- Lion Slots Casino Review!

Play at Lucky Club CasinoLucky Club Casino
Date of New Casino Release - October 2008
This new brand will fight to be the hippest online casino in the industry. They are all about image and the image they are shooting for is young twenty-something who like to party, hang out with friends, and generally have a good time.
- Visit Lucky Club Casino Now!
- Download Lucky Club Casino Software!
- Lucky Club Casino Review!

Play at Golden CasinoGolden Casino
Date of New Casino Release - November 2007
Golden Casino is the newest online casino on this list that is actually one of the oldest gaming sites on the Internet. Huh? Well, when the US passed the UIGEA the infamous Golden Palace Casino shut its doors to US citizens, then the owners opened up this great site.
- Visit Golden Casino Now!
- Download Golden Casino Software!
- Golden Casino Review!

Play at All Slots CasinoAll Slots Casino
Date of New Casino Release - February 2005
All Slots is no where near new, however they are possibly the best. Although they don't allow players from 13 or so different American states, their constant supply of new games and outstanding customer support make them a top notch operation.
- Visit All Slots Casino Now!
- Download All Slots Casino Software!
- All Slots Casino Review!

Play at Club USA CasinoClub USA Casino
Date of New Casino Release - January 2008
This an RTG powered online casino, that's 'Real Time Gaming' for you newbies. No no no, this doesn't automatically mean they suck. Actually, quite the contrary. RTG has become a player favorite software since other companies left the US market.
- Visit Club USA Casino Now!
- Download Club USA Casino Software!
- Club USA Casino Review!

Play at All Jackpots CasinoAll Jackpots Casino
Date of New Casino Release - February 2005
All Jackpots is the sister site of All Slots, as you probably could have guessed. You could also assume correctly that they are not a new online casino brand, and you would be correct once again if you assume they are just as good as their little sister.
- Visit All Jackpots Casino Now!
- Download All Jackpots Casino Software!
- All Jackpots Casino Review!

Play at Aztec Riches CasinoAztec Riches Casino
Date of New Casino Release - June 2006
Aztec Riches uses the same software (Microgaming) that All Slots and All Jackpots uses. They, however, are run by an entirely different group of owners. This site isn't that new, but we really wanted to include them because they feature over 350 games.
- Visit Aztec Riches Casino Now!
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- Aztec Riches Casino Review!

Newest Online Casino News

Greece has become the latest country to crack down on Internet gamblers who do not pay taxes on their winnings. The government has set up a police task force to go after gamblers who bail out on paying taxes from online casino earnings.

Revenue has started to come back in Las Vegas casinos, but that has not stopped the companies that own those casinos from thinking big. Many of the biggest gaming companies in the world are expecting to launch US online casinos in the near future.

The game may not be the same as playing against others in an online poker room, but the poker games offered at online casinos have had to do for many who lost their favorite online site when Full Tilt Poker shut down.

Online gambling is coming to the US. That is the opinion of Massachusetts Treasurer Steven Grossman. Although the treasurer does not agree with the online gambling movement, he is prepared to back a push in the Massachusetts legislature to allow the state lottery to sell tickets online.

The online gambling industry has been forever shaken by recent indictments by the US government. Two more online casinos have decided to close their doors for good and walk away with the funds they have made over the years, rather than face possible indictments.

Important Information You Need to Know Before Playing at Online Casinos

Online Casino Laws - Every country has different laws when it comes to gambling on the Internet. Some countries even have no laws, which makes things even more confusing. It would be impossible to go through every country and explain which countries allow their citizens to gamble online, which countries don't, and which countries are ambiguous when it comes to playing at online casinos.

The United States can be described in those same terms. There is no federal law that restricts citizens from playing online and every state in America has different laws, or lack of laws, regarding casino gaming on the web.

It is imperative for all citizens, no matter what country you reside in, no matter what state you reside in, to check the laws of your land before beginning to play at an online casino for real money. No matter where you reside, however, you can download any and/or all of the casinos featured on our site and play them for free for as long as you like.

Online Casino Regulations - Each gambling site you can find across the web is licensed by the country in which it resides. There are currently few online casinos that are not licensed legally somewhere.

Regulation, however is a different story. There are many countries, like the United Kingdom, that regulate the industry, but they only regulate the companies that are located within their physical borders.

The real regulation of online casino sites comes from sites like ours. The web portals across the world only promote reputable brands. If they promote corrupt brands then they ruin their own reputation. It is in the best interest of all casino portals to only promote legitimately run companies and it is in the best interest of online casinos to run their operation legitimately.

Online Casino Bonuses - If you don't follow the guidelines we are about to give you, do not accept or fall for any casino offering you sign up bonus offers. Online casinos offer players bonuses when they sign up for the first time, when they haven't been playing for a while, when they play a lot, and sometimes for no reason at all. There is a reason they give away so much free money... they want you to keep playing.

Now, this may sound like a trick but it's really not. The problem is players don't know what they are getting into when they accept these bonuses. In order to be fair (so you aren't just able to withdraw every bonus a casino gives you), the casinos put wagering requirements that must be met before being able to cash out. This is very important to understand.

The trick that you must play on the casino in order to truly take advantage of these online casino bonuses is to play slowly and with low wagers. This may sound ironic, you are trying to meet wagering requirements, yet we tell you to bet low. The key is to make your money last so that you can play over and over again. Our players that we have hired explain that they can make $10 last longer than most people can make $100 last.

Playing with low bets does not meet not playing the max bets. The trick is to play slots at a low money denomination, say $.01, but play it at max, which is typically $.90. Playing max can help you to win medium and big sized jackpots, but it's low enough that your money will last for a long time and by the time you are ready to cash out you will have met your wagering requirements.

Online Casino Scams - In the old days of online casino gambling, way back in the early 21st century, there really were a ridiculous amount of scams run by a very corrupt online gambling industry. These scams have greatly reduced through the years as casino operators realized that they will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

It is now a truly real statement to say that this is one of the best industries for customer support and player satisfaction (we can only vouch for the sites we have reviewed), because if they cheat their players, if they steal from their players, if they do anything that creates even the slightest bit of untrust in players, they lose them. Remember, it is an online casino's goal to keep you as their player for life. That is why they consistently come out with new games, that is why they consistently offer you new casino bonuses, that is why they have the best customer support.